Tariff and Recommended Trips

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(Recommended) The Himalayan Experience – 5 day trip – Rs.15,950/- all inclusive

Take an overnight Train to Kathgodam/Drive to Haldwani/Kathgodam from Delhi and reach the pretty little station early in the morning. The next morning’s drive there is gorgeous, and to be enjoyed. Start early. We recommend a few breaks:

  • Breakfast break at Daurab, about 65km/2 hours from Kathgodam. The place has good, clean restrooms. Spend about an hour here.
  • Take a couple of picture breaks along the river, and the expansive, pretty, green Kumaon valleys you’ll drive through.
  • Stop over at the Baijnath Temple
  • As you climb the upper reaches beyond Bageshwar, refill your bottles at a mountain stream – it’s the better water you can get anywhere around 🙂

Once you get to Vijaypur, spend 4 nights there. And here’s all the things to do there – though we recommend you take it easy and pick a few:

  • The Riverside Picnic : 1 hour hike down to the river – should take about half a day. We’ll pack the food along.
  • Vijaypur Walk : the few shops, the old house that’s linked to it’s history, the tea gardens, and even a near-defunct tea factory! Some days you might be able to go see how hand-made tea gets created. Try some.
  • Quarry Exploration : Walk down to the soap-stone (khadia) quarry just a few minutes away
  • Hug An Old Tree : The old deodars that hold many a lesson for us, and hug it with your eyes closed. It’s therapeutic.
  • Devbhumi : The Dhaulinag temple atop the hill, sit there and imagine the history that goes back thousands of years – possibly even before the Vedic age. You could also drive to Patal Bhuvaneshwar, 54km away.
  • Midnight Walk : walk for a km down the road late at night. No sounds, no traffic, and pretty stillness.
  • 1 Day Trek : Drive 22 km and trek 6km one way up to the Shikhar Peak – the highest point in the area with gorgeous views around

Shorter breaks

  • 4 days/3 nights : Rs.14,715/-
  • 3 days/2 nights : Rs.10,355/-
  • 2 days/1 night : Rs.5450/-
  • Extra Person per night: 1750/-

Pricing is per couple, all inclusive, including taxes, on twin occupancy in a room. This includes everything at the property : all the meals, unlimited tea/coffee/non-packaged juices and snacks whenever your tummy grumbles, walks and treks around the property, bonfire, use of the library etc.

Checkin/checkout is at 11am. Feel free to stay with us longer – we might ask for the room in case there’s a guest coming in after you the same day.

upto 2 kids under 5 years of age complimentary, kids 5-12 at 50%. Pets are welcome (for a small charge) provided they stay off the linen/furniture, and you can ensure their safety and that of other guests around.

We offer long stay discounts and special pricing for multi-week stays.Do write in for more.

If you need a cab pickup/drop from Kathgodam, and for local trips, let us know. We’ll connect with reliable local vendors who you can pay the fares directly to.

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